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Gryphon ships instruments all over the World

That's right, Gryphon ships instruments World Wide. We have even shipped items to customers who live barely 20 miles away. If you're interested in having us ship an instrument to you, here are a few thing that you will want to know.

Cost of shipping
We always insure shipments. To get a quote for the cost of shipping and insurance, we need to know where you live (including zip or postal code) and the instrument you are interested in. We generally ship by UPS in the Unites States. We will ship UPS ground service if the weather and the instrument will allow, but some instruments have delicate finishes and we must ship them by 3-day service or faster. We won't know the cost until we know where you are and what instrument you are interested in.

Buying an Instrument
With the exception of a few instruments offered through our online Gryphon Mercantile, instrument orders require a phone call. Of course you can ask questions through email if you prefer. If you are interested in a unique instrument that is new on our site, call us as we sell first come, first served and we may not be able to check email for hours at a time. Therefore, if it is urgent, call us: 888-493-2131, we want you to get your favorite guitar (or uke or banjo or mandolin)!

If you choose to send us an email, please include your full shipping address including postal code. You might as well send your phone number as well since most carriers want to have a way to contact you. Also mention the instrument that interests you. We will then get back to you with the shipping cost and total amount.

Payment in the U.S.A.
Paypal: We accept Paypal. You must have a verified-by-paypal shipping address. Our Paypal account is Paypal@GryphonStrings.com Credit Cards: We prefer that you don't email us your credit card information, however many credit cards now issue one-purchase numbers for specific amounts. Just to be safe, though, it's best to break the account number into 2 or more pieces and send them in different emails. Bank Wires: People have been sending bank wires for decades and technology has only made them faster and easier. Bank wires are simple and secure. A bank wire is the safest way to send money.

International Purchases

We try to ship USPS (postal service) because it is the cheapest carrier. But regulations and rates vary from country to country and change often. We won't know for sure if we can ship to you through the USPS until we know where you are and look it up. Shipments to most of Europe and Japan are pretty simple and affordable.

International Payments
If you have never purchased from us before, payment must be by bank wire. Bank wires are safe, secure and simple.

Contact Us
We have a small staff and are not multi-lingual. We read, write and speak English and can comprehend most dialects. It's OK if your English doesn't sound like a newscaster's, we are patient and if all else fails we'll resort to email. As always, if it is urgent, call us +001-650-493-2131. Our time zone is Pacific (GMT +8) Because of time differences it is often easiest to buy the instrument through email and bank wire. This has worked for thousands of Gryphon customers around the globe.

International Shipping Limitations
With the CITES treaty in force we cannot and will not ship guitars constructed with Endangered Species even if the instrument was made when it was legal to do so. The shipment will run the risk of being seized by customs and ownership may be forfeited. The materials you are most likely to find in an instrument that would cause such a seizure are Brazilian rosewood & ivory.

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