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Maker Model Type
Blackbird UkuleleNew Clara, Concert ConcertGig Bag$1,150
Collings GuitarNew C10-35SBSS Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$4,860
Collings GuitarNew D2HG, German top, 1 3/4" nut Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$4,210
Collings Mandolin FamilyNew MF5 O, Premium quilted maple, NAMM 2015 MandolinOrig. Hard$7,785
Collings Mandolin FamilyNew MT2 Mandola, Pickguard MandolaOrig. Hard$4,005
Collings Mandolin FamilyNew MT2, Blonde, Italian top, Birdseye back and sides, NAMM 2015 MandolinOrig. Hard$3,712
Deering BanjoGoodtime, Lefty 5 String2009Gig Bag$295
Eastman BanjoNew EBJ-WL1 5 StringOrig. Hard$1,359
Epiphone GuitarSG G-400 Custom w/Maestro Solid Body Electric2006Gig Bag$375
Fender GuitarLefty Stratocaster MIM Black Solid Body Electric1999Gig Bag$325
Fishman AmplifierNew PRO-LBX-500 Loudbox Mini no$330
Flammang GuitarN35-H Steel String Acoustic2013Orig. Hard$4,000
Gibson GuitarES-330TD Sunburst Arch-Top Electric1968Orig Chip$3,200
Gretsch BassNew G2220 Junior Jet Bass II, Black Solid Body Electricno$300
Huss & Dalton GuitarNew FS Custom, Sapele/Italian Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$5,460
J. Navarro GuitarNew NC-40 Classicalno$295
Kamaka UkuleleNew HF-2, Concert ConcertOrig. Hard$1,095
Kenny Hill GuitarNew New World Estudio E650, Spruce top ClassicalOrig. Hard$805
Kenny Hill GuitarNew New World Player P628, Cedar top ClassicalOrig. Hard$1,525
Kenny Hill GuitarNew New World Player P628, Spruce top ClassicalOrig. Hard$1,525
Lang (Paramount) BanjoBlue Boy, 7" skin head Banjo-Ukec.1933Gig Bag$349
Martin GuitarNew 0-28VS Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$3,649
Martin GuitarNew OM-21 Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$2,499
Martin Guitar000-18 Shaded Top Steel String Acoustic1945Hardshell$16,500
Martin GuitarJC-16ME Aura Steel String Acoustic2009OHSC$1,475
Maurice Mayes BanjoNew Folk Art Banjo-Guitar 5 StringOrig. Hard$399
Nash GuitarNew S-63, Candy Apple Red Solid Body ElectricOrig. Hard$1,475
Ome BanjoNew Wizard, Curly maple, 11" 5 StringOrig. Hard$2,495
Ome BanjoNew Wizard, Curly maple, 12" 5 StringOrig. Hard$2,495
Santa Cruz GuitarNew OM, German/bearclaw spruce, Adirondack/hide glue braces Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$5,760
Santa Cruz GuitarNew OM/PW, Italian top, Backlit binding, Sunburst Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$5,780
Taylor GuitarNew 114ce Steel String AcousticGig Bag$799
Taylor GuitarNew 114e Steel String AcousticGig Bag$599
Taylor GuitarNew 214ce Steel String AcousticGig Bag$999
Taylor GuitarNew 814ce Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$3,499
Taylor GuitarNew 914ce Steel String AcousticOrig. Hard$4,499
Taylor GuitarNew GS Mini Mahogany Steel String AcousticGig Bag$499
Taylor GuitarNew GS Mini-e Koa Steel String AcousticGig Bag$699
Taylor GuitarNew GS Mini-e RW Steel String AcousticGig Bag$599
Taylor GuitarGS Rosewood Steel String Acoustic2006Orig. Hard$1,525
Taylor Guitar114ce Sunburst Steel String Acoustic2014Gig Bag$650
Vega BanjoTubaphone Professional Plectrum Banjo, 12" pot Plectrumc. 1927Orig. Hard$1,299
Vox AmplifierNew MINI3 G2 CL no$120

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New Collings MF5 O, Premium quilted maple, NAMM 2015

Blackbird Clara, Concert

The Gryphon Advantage
Here are some of the reasons Gryphon is so well regarded.

Ome Wizard, Curly maple, 11"

Ome Wizard, Curly maple, 12"

Taylor GS Rosewood 2006

Martin 0-28VS

Taylor 214ce

Taylor GS Mini-e RW