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Featured Instruments

1937 Martin D-28

New Martin Custom 000, Madagascar rosewood

New Collings UC2, Doghair finish, Ivoroid binding (body and neck)

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Santa Cruz Guitars Finally Back in Stock
We're still not sure what happened, because a few years ago we had a good supply of new SCGC guitars in stock, then we had none and that drought continued far longer than it should have. It's a long story, but the short version is that we didn't order enough of 'em, the Santa Cruz crew had lots of orders and got behind, etc.

Now we've got some great choices in stock, including some unique guitars such as an OM/PW with a cedar top and short scale, for the ultimate playability and tonal warmth, and a delightfully petite "Firefly" model with beautiful amber shading on the top. For those who love their SCGC tone from larger vessels, there's a D with Adirondack top plus the latest 'Cruz model, the OM Grand, plus a deep-bodied H/13 with Adirondack top.

Click Through to see our current inventory of Santa Cruz Guitars.
Is This The Loudest Pre-War D-28 Gryphon Has Ever Seen?

We think it is. Check It Out, it's from 1937!

A Couple of Ounces of Prevention

I'm sure it seems like we're hammering you with warnings about high temps damaging your instrument, but Calton cases can give you a significantly longer fuse before a hot day causes problems. These fiberglass cases offer additional thermal insulation in a car trunk, and the white ones shown here really offer a lot of additional protection when you're in the sun, such as at a festival. And of course when traveling these have been the standard case for road-warrior musicians for many years. Caltons are currently being made in Austin, Texas, so shipping costs are lower than they were when we had to get them from Eastern Canada.

Gryphon Stringed Instruments

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1975 Martin D-35 Project Guitar

2001 AER Acousticube IIa 200 watt 1x8

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